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Chaskiventura Peru holidays: Sustainable tourism in Peru

Chaskiventura, Peru travel agency offers you to be part of sustainable tourism in Peru projects. The sustainable tourism in Peru projects will take place in rural farming communities. The different themes of these projects are education, health, ecology and families incomes.  This sustainable tourism in Peru module will give you the opportunity to stay with a local, discover the various local traditions and lifestyles and to share the ancestral know-how of the inhabitants, who inherited the pre-columbian cultures. During your volunteering in Peru, you will participate actively in development projects. Do  not hesitate any longer and come to visit Peru differently joining in one of the sustainable tourism in Peru module that Chaskiventura- Peru Holidays offers. Your journey will be made of sharing and mutual aid to make your Peru Travel an unforgettable experience!

Projets Education

Cachiccata Community 

Type of project:  Type of project : Education and Culture


Community: Cachiccata
Project: Improve and set up the school of the community of Cachiccata



Inside the school, it exists 3 classrooms and a kitchen which became dilapidated in the course of the time. In agreement with the fathers of the school of the community, it was decided to build a new classroom in order to move the pupils in a safer place while the other classrooms are being restored, for the studies of the children. The project also includes a school supplies support.

 Huchuy Qosqo Community

Type of project: Education  and Culture


Community: Huchuy qosqo
Project: Build a nursery school for the children of the community



The community of Huchuy Qosco owns a virgin land reserved for an institutional use. On this land, it was agreed to build a construction with a roof made of traditional andean tiles, in order to host a nursery school for children between 2 and 4 years.

Communauté POMAC III

Type de projet: Education and Culture

Foto Grupal Grupo Kepri 2014

Communauté: POMAC III, Pacora, Chiclayo, (North of Peru)
Projet: Building of a Pronoei classroom in the community of Pomac III



The kindergarden classroom in the community of Pomac III was in poor condition : there were holes in the roof and the foundations were quite fragile. They definitely needed a new classroom before the school year start. Therefore, the volunteering group built a new classroom equiped with all necessary fourniture.

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