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Chaskiventura's philosophy - Peru Holidays

Chaskiventura is an organization which main objective is to make real profits intended for local populations who are willing to welcome travellers in their communities. We want to promote intercultural exchange between travellers and the different local cultures in order to improve native populations' well being, to reinforce their cultural identity and their self-esteem by offering at the same time an incredible experience to travellers.

Chaskiventura association is made up of Chaskiventura's tour-operators of Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. The association's role is to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in Peru and to develop sustainable development projects in rural communities. The association is developing some sustainable development actions and programs and it respects fair trade principles.

The tour-operators network offers responsible, authentic, good quality, and themed experiences as well as community tourism projects in different geographical areas.

The Peru travel agency Chaskiventura is working toward this goal throughout its holidays to Peru, Peru treks, and Peru tours offers. Indeed, we think that it is essential to show you Peru in another way, from the Andean or Amazon Rain Forest communities views for example. In addition, our Peru travel agency will make your trip different thanks to its diversified offer of Peru trips and Peru tours. Chaskiventura- holidays in Peru commits itself to elaborating Peru trips, Peru travel, and Peru treks for you to experience an authentic and responsible trip to Peru. If you are looking for a deeper commitment in communities, our volunteering in Peru offers will perfectly meet your expectations.







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