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Presentation of Chaskiventura Peru team

I'm French and I'm 28; I arrived for the first time in Peru in 2006, to promote community tourism projects of a French Peruvian NGO established in Peru (Ecomunal). When I went back to France, I finished my university studies and I graduated in Marketing and International Development. Then, I traveled and worked in tourism in Asia, Australia and Spain. In 2009, I scouted out the whole territory of Peru during one year, to create tours and also to meet the rural communities, and to find protected natural areas, archeological complexes and other wonders... Following this rich human and professional experience, I became a partner of Chaskiventura. I am now in charge of themed trips, programming trips in Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. As I am fascinated by  archeology, community tourism, ecology and by other wonders of the continent, I like this challenge and I try to offer responsible themed travels, which are also innovative and original.

Antoine Joubert
In charge of Chaskiventura voyages à thèmes


I'm Peruvian, I'm 31 and I was born in the Cachiccata community. When I was young, I saw hundreds of tourists passing by my community. We were very frustrated with my friends not to take advantage of tourism oppotunities. Thus, I began to work on the Inca trail as a porter and then as a cook assistant and cook. Eventually, I studied tourism until I got my tourist guide licence. At the same time, with other young people of my community, we founded an association to receive visitors on our campsite and in our houses; to share our customs and cultural treasures: my community was the Inca quarries  of Ollantaytambo. Finally, another opportunity to show my community and to contribute to its development arose when we founded Chaskiventura with Mario Anaya in 2006. After 6 years, I think the contribution to the communities' development has progressed.

Klever Marca
Manager of Chaskiventura South of Peru


I'm French- Peruvian and I'm 37. In those times when the world has turned to be globalised and standardised, I think it is essential for human dignity, to have the right to preserve one's differences, the right to exist and to meet different kinds of humanities. My father was born in Peru, he is descendant of colonists and mixed-race people, and my mother is from the rural centre of France; I was lucky to grow between Paris and Cusco... they are two different lights, two transcendent humanities that have captivated me forever : the light of the Republic and the native spiritual soul of America, in which, since I was young, the indigenous people have often prevailed over the mixed-race people. Chaskiventura - this adventure of the messenger between the different cultures - is for me a duty further to the opportunities I have had in my life, a passion, a mission, a challenge which is often demoralising, but in the end, I hope it is a means to contribute to another way to look at the world. Looking at the world differently is a good start...

Mario Anaya Gautier
Director of  the association Chaskiventura


I'm Peruvian, I'm 34 and I was born in Chiclayo, a city on the Northern coast of Peru, where some of the most important cultures of Pre- Columbian America were developed. I worked in various projects of tourism development with the International Cooperation. I started to like tourism when I was young and when my trips with my friends showed me another Peru, with hidden treasures and various stories. That is why I'm fascinated by tourism. Like the whole team of Chaskiventura, I want to share the treasures of Latin America, which can be seen with the great monuments, people's cordiality, the gastronomy's flavours and also with the impressive and surprising nature of Peru.

Omar Gamarra Carlos
Manager of Chaskiventura North of Peru


I'm French and I'm 40. In 1997, I went around Latin America for the first time with rucksack on my back; I fell in love with this continent, its people, and especially with the Andean culture. Since then, I devote myself to share my experiences through photojournalism, treks and mountaineering. I also escort travelers who come to discover, during a few weeks,  this fascinating world, the Andes. More than a sports objective, discovering a country on foot allows each one of us to better understand the geographical environment, the old-age traditions and  the Pre-Columbian history of the Andes.

Stéphane Vallin
In charge of Chaskiventura mountain


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