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Chaskiventura presentation - Peru holidays

Travelling to Peru differently is now possible!

The Peru travel agency Chaskiventura, along with its association, is one of the tour-operators network link of sustainable tourism in South America.
Our Peru travel agency is specialized in thematic and community tourism which proposes a selection of travel Peru, Peru tours, Peru treks, solidarity tourism or themed modules.
We offer authentic, original and good quality holidays to Peru, during which the proximity with people, their cultural identities, their traditions and nature is our priority.
Our products’ originality and quality lie in two characteristics:
the design of innovative products in geographic terms, interpretation approach of touristic attractions and importance of live culture in each tour. The second characteristic which is really important for us is the participation of associations and population from the rural communities in the touristic product organization, execution and profitability.
Our guides, muleteers, cooks as well as our administrative staff are generally professionals from the communities.
The Chaskiventura team - holidays in Peru is led by expert professionals in organizing and accompanying touristic journeys in all Peru.
Thanks to these two characteristics, Chaskiventura - Holidays in Peru assures you to travel to Peru in a more authentic and responsible way.

Our offer is divided into different fields in agreement with our thematic approach: Ethnotourism, Adventure Holidays Peru, Historical Tourism, Ecotourism in Peru, Peru treks and Volunteering in Peru.
Chaskiventura - holidays in Peru will be able to meet your expectations and will offer to you the best suited Peru travel!









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