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Travel code : psmav6
Time & Duration: From March until November
Theme : Peru adventure travel
Place : Sacred Valley Peru
Group : 2 to 12 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

This Peru tour will lead you to the ruins of Choquequirao, situated in the Sacred Valley Peru at 3,085 meters above sea level, within the foothills of Mount Salkantay ("wild" in Quechua, 6,271 meters). Machu Picchu’s little sister has similar significance built along similar lines, served the same religious, political and agricultural functions, but is harder to reach and, for the time being, still sufficiently free of tourists for a visitor to imagine, without much effort, the priests and builders, the supplicants and courtiers roaming its paths and plaza. Its name comes from the Aymara "chuqi (gold)", and the Quechua "K'iraw (cradle)", meaning "cradle of gold". Located on an almost unreachable hilltop, it became - for over 40 years - the last refuge and stronghold of resistance of the Incas of Vilacamba.  Chaskiventura - Peru Travel Agency will show you a spectacular and distant site, lonely and forgotten. These Peru holidays will not only lift the veil on the archeological and historical value of the complex which is complemented by the beauty of its surroundings, but also offer you a four-day Peru trek to reach it with breathtaking landscapes which have geographic features and biodiversity characteristics of the Upper Amazon.

Strong points :

Historical sanctuary of Choquequirao

Andean living culture

Fauna and Flora, Diversity of Andean ecosystems


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Day 1 : Cuzco - Cachora - Chiquisca Beginning of the trek in Andean villages of communities

Start of this Peru trek headed for Cachora and great views o The Apurimac Canyon

Day 2 : Chiquisca - Choquequirao
Thrill above Apurimac river 

You will pass on a suspension bridge above the Canyon and you will observe the wilderness of the area, in adventure tourism module

Day 3 : Choquequirao - Cocamasana

You will visit the archeological site of Choquequirao

Day 4 : Wiñayhuayna - Machupicchu - Cuzco
Natural trek before going back to Cuzco

Admire the landscapes, the Padreyoc mountain and the local fauna and flora during your last day of these Peru holidays.



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