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Chaskiventura-Peru holidays: Peru Treks

Chaskiventura Peru holidays offers you various Peru treks in the North and the South of the country. You will discover the most beautiful cordilleras of Peru as well as little-known Inca trails during these Peru treks. These treks will allow you to see breathtaking landscapes. In general, these Peru treks, designed for experienced hiker, are spread over 4 days or more to give you the opportunity to admire the nature and the environment that surrounds you. If you like walking or if you are just interested in trekking Peru for a few days, do not hesitate any longer. Get into it and join in the caravan of the beginning of the world trek, the Amazon source trek, the Ausengate tour, the Choquequirao trek, treks in the White Cordillera, or in the cordillera of Pariacaca... If you are looking for some shorter Peru treks, you may prefer do a three days trek like "The Ayllus' last secret" one. This trek will lead you to a community that will show you another way to look  at the world or an Andean trek like the 4 day "Path of the Miradors". Discover below the diversity of Chaskiventura Peru travel agency's trek offer. With our Peru treks, your Peru travel is becoming a real cultural and ecological adventure!

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