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Chaskiventura- Peru holidays: Peru Ecotourism travel experience

Ecotourism in Peru, which is closely related to sustainable development, is an opportunity to go right to the heart of ecosystems diversity and see the development of fauna and flora.

Thanks to its Peru ecotourism travel experiences, Chaskiventura - Peru travel agency will show you the biodiversity in Peru, which is one of the 17 countries in the world considered as megadiverse.
When meeting and sharing with local populations you will understand the specific relationship existing between people and their environment as well as the past, present, and future impacts of climate change . During your Peru travel with the Peru ecotourism module, you will visit unique places that have preserved their charm, protected areas in different ecosystems, and you will be able to observe a rich and varied fauna and flora at different ecological stages/in different life zones.
You will understand that ecotourism in Peru is a real opportunity to protect and preserve natural and cultural heritage.
Do no hesitate to take a look at the different ecotourism trips offered below by Chaskiventura - Peru Holidays.
Discover another way to travel Peru with our ecotourism trips offer.

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