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Peru - The four sides of the Inca Empire


Travel code : pscde3
Time & Duration: All year long
Theme : Ethnotourism, Cultural, archeological and historical tourism
Place : South Peru
Group : 2 to 12 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

The Peru travel we offer:the Four Sides of the Inca Empire, invites you to discover the reality of the oldest civilization of the humanity, with a fully endogenous and autonomous development. When the conquistadores came to the land they called Peru, they found a confederation of about 200 kingdoms, brought together by the Inca people, or "ENQA" - in Quechua, they had the strength power or energy. This confederation was built in about 170 years. That´s why for many local lords, the Spanish conquest was a chance to be released from this supervision, because the nation, the Tawantinsuyo nation or Land of the Four Regions, lacked unity. This Empire went from Pasto(Colombia)to Mendoza(Argentina)and it had created a road network which accounted for more than 12 000 km. Peru possesses more than 10% of the planet's biodiversity. Chaskiventura - Peru holidays offers you to immerse yourself in the history and the culture of a country during this trip to Peru.

Strong points:

Lima Peru

Nazca and its mysterious lines

Arequipa Peru and the Colca canyon

Lake Titicaca and Uros islands

Cuzco, The Sacred Valley Peru and Machu Pichu


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Day 1 : Lima Peru

Arrival in Lima for our first day of Peru holidays

Day 2 : Lima Peru- Pachacamac
Archeological tourism

Discovery of the Pachacamac site and the Archeology National Museum

Day 3 : Paracas - Nazca Ecotourism in Peru 

Boat tour  to admire the Ballestas islands, the Marine Natural Reserve and its Park.

Day 4 : Nazca - Arequipa Peru
Archeological tourism

Discovery of Nazca civilization, its aqueducts and its pyramids. Our Peru travel agency offers you an optional flight over Nazca lines.

Day 5 : Arequipa Peru - Chivay Cultural tourism

You will visit the colonial city of Arequipa Peru and then you will go to Chivay and the Colca Canyon.

Day 6 : Chivay- Sibayo Ecotourism in Peru and Ethnotourism

You will visit the viewpoint of Cruz del Condor, you will go to the community of Sibayo and visit the old village.

Day 7 : Sibayo - Llachon
Ecotourism in Peru and Ethnotourism 

You will visit an Alpaca breeding farm, and then you will go to Lake Titicaca and the community of Llachon.

Day 8 : Llachon -Taquile - Uros Ecotourism in Peru and Ethnotourism

Boat on Lake Titicaca to Taquile island, visit of the island, discovery of the local handicrafts and you will continue to the Uros floating islands where you will spend the night.

Day 9 : Uros - Puno - Raqchi

Return to the port of Puno and you will go to Cuzco and the community of Raqchi. Discovery of the village, its ceramics workshops and the Wiracocha temple.

Day 10 : Raqchi - Cuzco
Cultural tourism and ecotourism in Peru

Little trek to Khimshasata Volcano and you will go back to Cuzco.

Day 11 : Cuzco Historical Tourism 

Visit of the city, Nation Cultural Heritage, and its main sites.

Day 12 : The Pachatusan Belt Archeological Tourism

Visit of Tipon, Pikillacta and Pisaq sites.

Day 13 : The path of the Inca Knowledge Archeological Tourism

Visit of Inca Sacred Valley Peru : Chinchero, Salinas of Maras, Moray, Ollantaytambo.

Day 14 : Machu Pichu Machu pichu sanctuary

Visit of the historical sanctuary of Machu Pichu.

Day 15 : Cuzco - Lima Peru Cultural Tourism

Your trip to Peru will end with the visit of Lima Peru (depending of the time of the flights).


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