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The Sachapuyo kingdom


Travel code : pnmhi1
Time & Duration: From March to December
Theme : Archeological and historical tourism
Place : North of Peru : Amazon
Group : 1 to 12 persons
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Chaskiventura - Peru Holidays offers you to discover the old Chachapuyo people. A long time ago, they reigned over a vast territory, between the rivers of Marañon (West and North) and Huallaga (East). They managed to create a valiant and progressive nation that was respected and feared. They opposed a relentless resistance to the Inca Empire: when the Inca Yupanqui tried to conquer them, but he was confronted to their strong opposition to join the Tahuantinsuyo that he could not defeat. Only the Inca Huayna Capac finally defeated them in the last years of the Empire. Nevertheless, he died executed in Tumipampa by two Sachapuyo warriors. Today, some signs of their existence remain. This is the case for instance of the Kuelap fortress - the biggest one they ever left - located at 3000 masl. Their tombstones built in the cliffs, such as the Revash complex, also reflect their dexterity. Their pieces of art and their architecture reflect an audacious and independent spirit that makes them different from their neighbours. Eventually, during this Peru travel, you will be able to discover the Leymebamba museum with its various mummies and their personal belongings: ceramics, textiles, wooden items, Khipus...


Strong points :

Leymebamba museum

Revash complex

Kuélap fortress


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Day 1 : Kuelap Archeological travel experience

Visit of the Kuelap fortress, which is a fortified citadel built on top of a rocky hill of the central Cordillera of Peru. Visit of Andean communities which have ancestral work techniques.

Day 2 : Revash Archeological travel experience

Visit of the mausoleum of Revash, a funeral centre made of rectangular buildings (Chullpas). The Leymebamba museum hosts more than 2000 items, 219 mummies and an interesting collection of Quipus, ceramics, textiles, ceremonial items, weapons…



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