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The Volcano Potters


Travel code : psmet2
Time & Duration: All year long
Theme : Ethnotourism
Place : Cuzco, on the way to Puno.  3,480 m high
Group : 2 à 15 people
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For thousands of years, the Kimsachata Volcano slopes were occupied by different cultures. They skillfully worked on their arable lands until they discovered the properties that made Raqchi ceramic so famous since then. The volcano is still perceived as an Apu, tutelary guardian of the place, born from an expression of the powerful God Wiracocha. A temple was erected in his honour, which is among the most important temples of the Incas, the Wiracocha temple. Indeed, the archeological site Raqchi was for the Incas a very important religious and administrative center with aligned dwellings for priests and storehouses called colcas. The inhabitants still peregrinate to the volcano summit, walking through a singular fauna and flora. They give offerings to thank him for protecting and giving them hospitality, and then collect volcanic sand and stones for their ceramics and houses. Thanks to this Ethnotourism Peru tour, you will share their daily life, gastronomy, clothes, customs and houses. During these Peru Holidays, look at the world as Raqchi inhabitants do, and you will become a "Volcano Potter".

Strong points:

Meeting with Andean population and culture

Relationship between the human being and the Volcano

Discovering Andean traditional ceramics technique and art.

Major Inca archeological complexes.

Khimsashata volcano singular ecosystem


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Day 1 : Raqchi Products of the volcano: Raqchi site, ceramics, local house

Discovery of an Andean community, its daily life and the customs inherited from the Incas.

Day2 : Raqchi -Cusco Discovery of Khisashata Volcano

During these Peru holidays in ethnotourism module, discover Khimsashata Apu and its rituals.


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