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The Quechua people of the jungle


Travel code : pnmet4
Time & Duration: All year long
Theme : Cultural and ethnotourism tourism, gastronomy
Place : San Martín
Group : 2 to 12 persons
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When we talk about the "Quechuas", it reminds us of the Peruvian landscapes of the mountain, but few people know the Quechua people who lives in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, in Lamas. This Peru trip will give you the opportunity to discover a village which has preserved its identity through music, handcrafts, costumes, customs and the Quechua language. As a matter of fact, Lamas is considered as the folkloric capital of the Peruvian Amazon, where Nature, Folklore and Culture are interlaced. The so-called Blue Cordillera that surrounds the village with lakes and waterfalls, Quechua-speaking communities such as Pocras and Hanan Chancas along with their history and all their different cultural events, dances and traditions, all of this makes the village of Lamas very enjoyable and comfortable for visitors. If you come by from August the 23rd to the 31st, you might have the chance to see the famous patron celebration of Santa Rosa in the Wayku borough. The whole town is dressed in colourful clothes and they dance on exotic sounds from typical instruments around the town. During this Ethnotourism Peru travel experience, you will notice that the inhabitants of Lamas have a very pleasant custom to greet each other.

Strong points :

Visit of Coffee and Cocoa farms

Visit of the quechua neighborhood Lamista del Waycu.


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Day 1 : Lamas Ethnotourism

Discovery of the Coffee and Cocoa farms of the Quechua people of Lamas during these Peru Holidays.



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