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The Ayllu at the feet of the Apus


Travel code : psmet1
Time & duration: all year long
Theme : Ethnotourism
Place : Park of the potatoes, Incas' Sacred Valley
Group: 2 to 12 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

This Peru travel at the heart of the Andes will take you to the field of the potato in the middle of the Incas' Sacred Valley Peru, where you will discover astonishing landscapes, highlands, the Kimsacocha lagoon and summits which almost touch the sky. Called Apus, these snow-capped mounts are considered as divinities by the Quechuas who assign them a direct influence on the vital cycles of the region they dominate. In order to appease their anger, assigned to natural disasters, or to thank them for protection, it is not unusual for local communities to make sacrifices. At more than 4000 masl, Chaskiventura - Peru Travel Agency will show you thousand-year-old agricultural practices, the brotherly relationship between lamas and human beings in livestock breeder societies. Then, in this Ethnotourism Peru trip, you will learn how to make a textile work of art from surrounding flowers and animal shearing. Eventually, during these Peru tours you will be immersed in ecological systems surrounded by sacred mountains, humid soils, heads of water basins at the origin of rivers and lakes. This is an opportunity to meet and share with living culture-societies, to understand their way of looking at the world and their technology, which they inherited partly from the Incas.

Strong points

Meeting with Andean people and their culture

Discovering potatoes traditional farming in its original cradle.

Discovering traditional breeding of Lamas

Discovering traditional textile processes inherited from Incas and colonial cultures


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Day 1 : Community of Paru Paru Ethnotourism in the park of the potatoe

Discovery of an Andean community, its daily life and its customs inherited from the Incas.


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