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The Andean weavers


Travel code : psmet3
Time & duration : All year long
Theme : Ethnotourism
Place : Cuzco, Incas' Sacred Valley Peru, At an altitude of 3,800 meters
Group: 2 to 15 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

Patabamba is a community perched on the Peru Sacred Valley balcony, at the heart of the Incas' land, close from Pisaq. Until recently, it was unknown and remained away from the modern world and ethnotourism. Farming and textile production have been their traditional activities; their sheep and alpaca wools are sheared by unusual spinning wheels and dyed thanks to amazing concoctions of nearby flora. They weave real artworks reproducing the exclusive community's iconography. Since 5,000 years they have been handcrafting symbolic representations of flowers, animals and mythical beings. Another look at the world and space is represented to express a sacred harmony between men and their environment. Little girls learn how to weave at the age of 6 and can then weave up to 6 hours a day! They spin while walking, they weave while talking… Over the past few years, the 120 Patabamba families have sought to become integrated in the western world to increase their incomes and improve children's access to education. Therefore, 15 families offer you to share their textile traditions and houses during these Peru holidays. Do not hesitate to discover their ancestral tradition during your Peru trip while helping the village develop!

Strong points:

Meeting with the Andean population and its culture

Discovering traditional Andean textile and techniques using their know-how and plants to cure diseases.

Breathtaking landscapes on the Incas' Peru Sacred Valley


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Day 1 : Patabamba - Cuzco Ethnobotanic product: weaving and natural medecine

Discovery of an Andean community, its daily life and its customs via ethnotourism.


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