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Riders of the Pacific


Travel code : pnmet2
Time & Duration: All year long
Theme : Ethnotourism
Place : North of Peru : La Libertad
Group : 2 to 6 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

Have you ever surfed on waves? And above all, have you ever surfed on Totora horses? During your Ethnotourism Peru holidays, we invite you to do so at a place where men that live on the coast have sailed on them for very long time, from a thousand to three thousand years. They go on board on their Totora horses, which are small boats made of Totora leaves and stems, to bring food back home. From immemorial times they were a symbol of the respect people of the coast have for the little threads that weave the ecological equilibrium. Along the edge of the beach can be glimpsed a green line. From there is extracted material used for millenaries to build these rustic ships. In the ancient idiom spoken in the area, they were called “wachakes”, which can be translates as “water’s eye” and that give its name to Huanchaco, one of the last bastion of the Totora horses in the Pacific Ocean. The Peruvian Paso, a very beautyful specimen known for its smooth ride, is dancing at the pace of the waves. Follow these paths between land and sea with Chaskiventura - Peru travel.

Strong points :

Walk to Huanchaco, which is known for its small traditionnal fishing port and its totora small boats

Visit of Chan Chan, the biggest pre-Columbian city of potter's clay on the Northern Peruvian coast.

The horse "Peruvian Paso", living witness of Spanish-American breeding.


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Day 1 : Huanchaco - Trujillo
Ethnotourism travel experience

Discovery of Huanchaco and its famous "Totora boats", of the city of Chan Chan and of the Peruvian Horse during this Peru travel.


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