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Cusco: Inti Raymi Festival (June 24th)


Travel code : psmet9
Time & Duration: June 24th
Theme : Ethnotourism
Place : Cuzco
Group : 2 to 12 persons
Download the detailed programme : programme détaillé

In the privileged place of the sacred capital, the Inca Pachakuteq ordered to built Qorikancha, a magnificent temple dedicated to the veneration of the Sun God, that the Incas called Apu P'unchao or Apu Inti. In his honor was consecrated the imposing celebration of the INTI RAYMI, which reaches contours of solemnity and splendor, as described by the most important chroniclers. Chaskiventura - Peru Holidays offers you to join in the Inti Raymi festival which takes place during winter solstice. During the ceremony, the Inca, the priests and the people pay a tribute to the Sun God, thanking for the good harvests and asking for the earth to be fertile again in the future. During the Peru Holidays with the ethnotourism module, you will take part in this unique festival. You will walk along the city and the complex of Sacsayhuaman. Do not wait any longer and come to visit Peru to celebrate the Inti Raymi in the heart of Cuzco!

Strong points :

Andean living culture

Festival of the Sun


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Day 1 : Cusco Inti Raymi festival in Cusco

Discover Inca traditions and their celebrations in honour of the Sun god during your Peru holidays.


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