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Tambopata river is an major affluent of the river Madre de Dios. The reserve as a total area of 274690 ha, and disposes of a very diversified fauna and flora. There are 632 bird species, 1200 buterrfly species, 169 mammal species, 67 reptile species amongst others...

Reserve and nearby attractions

Colpa de Guacayamos de colorado : In this place, there are a lot of macaws (parrots). This clay cliff was formed at the edge of the river thanks to the erosion process. This colpa of 50 m high and 500 m wide is the biggest of Peru. Parrots use clay as a food supplement. that is why we can observe different kinds of macaws, parrots and budgerigar.

Lake Sandoval : About 3 km long, and 1 km wide, it is surrounded by marshy areas which gives it a rich fauna and flora. There we can see tropical plants and trees like the "aguaje" (palm tree), orchids or caobas. Regarding the fauna, various birds nest in the surroundings like the Cormorant or the Toucan. We can also observe caimans, tapirs, otters and turtles.

Lake Valencia : This lake is located 60 km from Puerto Maldonado. It is important for the Huarayos indigenous people as well as for the colonists because it is an excellent place for fishing. There, one can get some sea breams, docellas or piranhas. Another important economic activity is picking Brazil nuts.

The Bahuaja-Sonene National Park : This park hosts the only tropical humid savanna of Peru. A lot of animals occupy this reserve like the maned wolf, the giant otter, the black caiman and the harpy eagle.








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