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Northern Amazon Rainforest


Jesuit missionaries founded Iquitos in 1750, in order to protect themselves against attacks from native people. At the end of the 19th century this city experienced a rubber boom that languished during World War I. So the city started to dedicate itself to agriculture, forestry development, as well as the sale of wild animals to zoos.

Afterwards, in the 1960’s, the city experienced another boom: oil. The oil boom transformed Iquitos into a flourishing and rich city.

Today, with its 450 000 inhabitants Iquitos is the biggest city in the world that has no road access. As you will see during your Peru Trip, the city is only joinable by water- and airway.

The City's Attractions

Casa de Fierro: The famous Casa de Fierro, that you can admire during your Peru Holidays, was conceived by no one else than the famous Gustave Eiffel. Build in Paris in 1860, it was transported in detached pieces to Iquitos in 1890 in order to make the city more attractive.

Azulejos: The azulejos are hand-made tile stoves imported from Portugal. See with Chaskiventura – Peru Travel this wonderful buildings that are decorating numerous residences along Maleocn Tarapaca and Raimondi.

Bélen: Chaskiventura – Peru Travel allows you to see the exceptional Belén District. It is in fact a floating town: innumerable huts go up and down with the rhythm of the rising. Your Peru Travel Agency will also make you discover the market of Belén where numerous exotic products, medical plants, as well as cheap kitchen utensils are sold.


National Reserve of Pacaya-Samiria

The National Reserve of Pacaya Samiria includes the provinces of Loreta, Requena, Alto Amazonas and Ucayali of the Loreto department. Chaskiventura – Peru Travel will make you discover this reserve which has 2,080 hectares.

During your Peru Holidays you will see that the main objective of the Reserve is to conserve the flora and the fauna, as well as the rain forest in its whole. The Reserve provides a habit to a huge biological diversity and an important human population that benefits from natural resources. Inside the Reserve are the rivers Pacaya, Samira and Yanayacu-Pucate.

The forest wardens, that you will meet during your Peru Tour, try to reconcile the needs of the 40 000 inhabitants with the protection of the flora and the fauna. The Reserve provides shelter for creatures that you see seldom elsewhere: giant turtles, pink dolphin, 6 meter long caymans, Amazonian manatees, 450 different bird species, giant otters.

By traveling first in a dugout, by continuing with a Peru Trek and by passing the nights in lodges, Chaskiventura – Peru Travel will make you visit this wonderful nature that remained virgin.

The Reserve's Attractions

Lago Cocha: From the Lago Cocha Pasto you have good chances to see jaguars and other big mammals.

Quebrado Yanayacu: Observe with Chaskiventura – Peru Tour Operator how the water of the rivers becomes black because of the putrefied plants.

Lago Pantean: In the Lago Pantean you can see on the one hand caymans and pick on the other hand, togehter with your Peru Tour Operator, healing plants.

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