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The National Park of Manu is located in the region of Madre de Dios and includes the Biosphere Reserve of Manu. The latter is listed as a UNESCO heritage of humanity since 1987, it is one of the best place to observe tropical fauna and flora in Latin America. The Manu park, which spreads over 20 000 m², can be divided in 3 sectors : an area closed to passengers which covers 80% of the park area and where only some indigenous tribes have access. The zona reservada is dedicated to researches and tourists have a controled access. Concerning tourism, the Zona cultural is the most developed. Besides, a lot of clay cliffs surround the park and attract the macaws.

Manu Park Attractions

Fauna : The park hosts about 800 bird species, 200 mammal species like the woolly monkey, the giant otter or the jaguar, and 100 of bat species.

Flora : Another richness of the park is its flora. Inside the park, we can admire trees over 45 meters high. The main species are the the cetico, the topa, the cedar...

Population : About 30 communities who speak Quechua live over the whole area. Some indigenous tribes also live at the heart of the park like the Piro, the Amahuaca and the Nahua.








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