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Piura- Tumbes 

Piura was the first city that the Spaniards founded. This is a small touristic city very harmonious and which is growing fast. 

Tumbes is endowed with beautiful golden beaches and has a semi-arid climate. The department of Tumbes has varied ecosystems including fens, mangrove swamps, and also a dry equatorial forest and a tropical forest of the Pacific.

Sights near Piura

Museo municipal Vicus : It presents the geology as well as the region's ecosystem and culture, with a collection of ceramics.

Casa Grau : This is the house where Miguel Grau was born. He is a Peruvian admiral known for its armed attacks during the war between Peru and Chile of the late XIXth century.

Cathedral : A representation of the Virgen Fatima, made of cedar, can be seen in this Cathedral built in 1588.

Catacaos : This village is known for its straw and coton handicrafts like the Panama (typical hat) and for its gold and silver filigree items.

Aypate : This archeological site from the XVth century is located at 2900 masl. It was an administrative and religious Inca centre. There, you can find temples, virgins' houses, pyramids of the moon, houses...

Chulucanas : This village is renowned for its ceramics and its excellent "Chicherías".

Mancora : This is a cove located near Piura. It has beautiful beaches that the surfers and the backpackers value.

Cabo Blanco : This is a place highly valued by the surfers, and is famous because Ernest Hemingway used to go there on a regular basis to fish on the open seas.

Sights near Tumbes

The National Park Cerros de Amotape : The tropical dryforest ecosystemof Cerros de Amotapeis protected by this 913-sq-km national park, which is home to flora and fauna including jaguars, condors, parrots, deer and peccaries.

Santuario Nacional Los Manglares de Tumbes : there you can find acuatic forests with different fish species. It also hosts tijeretas, herons and various birds.

Punta Sal : It is one of the best beaches of Peru with its white sand.

Zorritos cove : Its quiet waters attract a large variety of fishes.

Puerto Pizarro : It is known for its islands and its breeding of crocodiles from Tumbes, which is a unique and endangered specy in Peru.







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