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Moyobamaba is the capital of the San Martin region. It was founded in 1549 as Santiago de los Ocho Valles de Moyobamba. It was then the first Spanish city of the Amazon rainforest and was used as a base for the future colonization of the department. Consequently, Moyobamba became the metropolis from where a lot of missionaries, soldiers, merchants left to found new towns in the Peruvian Amazon forest. Located at 860 masl in the Alto Mayo Valley, Moyobamba is also knwon as "the city of the orchids", because we actually can find more than 3500 kinds of orchids. Each year, the city celebrates the "Festival del Orquídea" at the end of October.


San Mateos Hotsprings : 4 kms to the South of the city, these hotsprings with curative virtues reach a temperature of about 40°C.

Cascadas Paccha and Lahuarpía : Impressive waterfalls, 30 minutes from Moyobamba.

Jardín Botánico San Francisco : 2 kms away from de city, we discover some orchids and exotic plants in this botanical garden.

Waqanki Center : 150 orchids species are kept in this centre.

Nearby attractions

National Park of Río Abiseo : This park is listed as a UNESCO Natural and Cultural World Heritage site. It includes 8 middle lives with about 980 flora species, more than 220 bird species and 50 mammal species. We can also find 36 archeological sites in this park.

Alto Mayo Protection forest and the Cordillera Azul National Park are also very interesting natural sites.








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