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Chiclayo is one of the biggest cities of Peru and the capital city of the Lambayeque region. Located in the North of Peru, it is surrounded by fertile valleys and it is close to the sea. Thus, it is a a hub of commercial exchange between the coast, the mountains and the Northern Jungle. Chiclayo has a warm and dry climate with an average temperature of 22,3°, exceeding 32° in summer. From a gastronomical point of view, Lambayeque has one of the best cuisine of Peru especially with the "arroz con pato" (rice and duck) which competes with the traditional "ceviche". The Lambayeque culture, also called the Sican culture, includes the culture of the whole North coast of Peru. According to the legend, a large flotilla of foreign rafts led by Naylamp came to the beaches of San Jose and this is how the civilization began. Their descendants founded the Chimu culture in Lambayeque before the Incas came. The Chimus are known for their pottery and their fine metal working. The conquest of the Lambayeque region by the Incas lasted almost four decades. When Francisco Pizarro went through the territories to reach Cajamarca and complete its conquest, he was surprised by the great amount of gold exposed in the form of vases and ustensils. Because of its rich history, Lambayeque is, now, one of the most interesting archeological destinations of the country.

Nearby attractions

Iglesia de San Pedro : It was built in the XVIth century in Lambayeque and is considered to be National Monument.

Mercado Modelo : the most interesting part of this market is the "mercado de brujos" (witch market). The stalls offer everything you might need for a potent brew: whale bones, amulets, snake skins and aromatic herbs...

Museo Bruning : Created by the collector Enrique Bruning, this museum has a collection of gold and silver pre-Columbian items.

Santa Rosa : According to the legend the Naylamp God emerged in this is the fishermen village.

Ferreñafe : This old town has a large rice-growing area with colonial houses and its population is known to be really welcoming.

Museum of the royal tombs of Sipán : 35 km from Chiclayo, this museum hosts the discoveries of the archeological excavations carried out in Huaca Rajada. There, the remains of Lord of Sipan can be admired, as well as various gold, silver and copper items.

Museum of Sicán : This museum dedicated to the Sicán culture gathers a collection of items which come from the archeological excavations of two of the Pomac forest pyramids. This collection includes the "gran tocado ceremonial", and a ceremonial mask decorated with 80 golden downs, amongst other things.

Historical Sanctuary of Pomac forest : It spreads over 6000 ha and hosts about twenty pyramids from the Sicán culture as well as a rich fauna and flora.

Túcume : This site is the final capital of the Sicán culture. It is a vast area made up of crumbling walls, plazas, and no fewer than 26 pyramids.

Ventarrón : This archeological site was excavated in 2007. It possesses a 4000-year-old temple covered with mural paintings and its construction is unique in the North of Peru.

Other sights in the region

Zaña : This small town located 51 km away from Chiclayo was founded in 1564 and is known to be the most opulent city of the colony. Because of this, it was often plundered by the pirates. The city has preserved constructions of that time.

Motupe : This city is famous for its Fiesta de la Cruz de Chalpón.

Monsefú : This village is known for its flowers and handicrafts, and has an artisanal market selling hats, ponchos and cotton goods.

Cerro Mulato en Chongoyape : There, you can appreciate the most important petroglyphs and rock paintings of the region. They were drawn on the rock by the first Peruvian people, thousands of years ago, and they represent natural scenes.

Petroglifos de Olmos : This site consists of 50 hominoid, zoomorphic and ideographic drawings.

Reservorio de Tinajones : This is a permanent tourist attraction with landscapes and fauna preserving the coastal charm.

Salas, Jayanca and Pacora: In these villages, people tend to practice folkloric witchcraft. 







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