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Chachapoyas is a city of the North of Peru located at 2340 masl. It is the capital of the Amazonas region and it is situated near the Utcubamba river. 

The city was founded relatively late by a Spanish conqueror, and it still preserves vestiges of the colonization with beautiful houses and large balconies.


La Plaza de Armas : This is the main attraction as in a lot of Peruvian cities. It reminds colonial times thanks to the houses surrouding it. Arount the square, you will be able to glimpse the house and the headquarters of the diocese as well as the local palace.

The independence square : This small square commemorates the battle of Higos Urco, won by the native people against the Spaniards.

Nearby attractions

The Gocta waterfall : In the middle of the Peruvian jungle, this waterfall is the third highest one of the world wth 771 meters high.

Kuelap : Located at more than 3000 meters high, this archeological site is one of the most important pre-Columbbian stone constructions of the continent.

Yalape Vestiges : This is an archeological site which dates back to 1100 to 1300 AC. It includes circle-shaped classical constructions decorated according to the customs of that time. The complex is huge as it spreads over about 4 hectares.

La Laguna de los Cóndores : Located to the South of Chachapoyas, la laguna de los cóndores, also known as Laguna de las Momias, contains other vestiges from the Inca and Chachapoya cultures. Indeed, some mummies were found at the edge of the lagoon, and the old people have also left a trail with their beautiful paintings.

The Museum of Leyebamba site : To the south of the city of Chachapoyas, a few hours away, the museum displays mummies and other items from the old cultures, like textiles or ceramics discovered in the Lake of the Condors and aroud it.







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