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The city of Cajamarca is located on the Northern highlands of Peru, at the heart of a green valley, surrounded by colorful landscapes and shades of green. Cajamarca benefits from a temperate, dry and sunny climate and is situated at 2750 masl. This is an unavoidable city because of three specific characteristics: its colonial architecture, its beautiful landscapes and its history. Cajamarca was actually founded 3000 years ago with the first peoples of Huacaloma, Layzón, Combemayo and Otuzco. It peaked between 500 and 1000 and was then considered to be the cultural center of the region. In November 1532, Cajamarca was the scene of one of the most striking events of the history of the world. There, the conqueror Francisco Pizarro caught the Inca Atahualpa. This was the beginning of the meeting of two different worlds, of the interbreeding and of a new era in the history of Peru.




The Cathedral : Facing the Plaza de Armas, this cathedral was built in the XVII th century. Its facade remains unfinished, but is noted for the detailing of its sculptures and the artistry in carving.

Church of San Francisco : It is part of the convent of the same name. It has some precious iconographic works and religious paintings. It also disposes of a Museum of Colonial religious Art.

Conjunto Monumental Belén : Its construction dates back to the XVIII th century. It is a colonial building which represents the Spanish-American baroque art and is a symbole of the cultural identity of Cajamarca.

The Church of La Recoleta : It was built in the XVIIth century and is located in the populous neighbourhood of San Sebastián. It displays a basic façade in stone and has fine bell towers.

El Cuarto del Rescate : It is the main building which symbolizes the meeting of two worlds and is at the same time the only vestige of the Incas' architecture. There, the Inca Atahualpa, who was imprisoned, offered a room full of gold and silver to be freed.

Colina Santa Apolonia : This is a splendid natural view point overlooking the whole valley. From there, we can also distinguish pre-Inca remains (Chavin) like a stone altar known as the "Inca Chair".

Nearby attractions

The Inca's Baths : Hot springs spa resort located 6 kms frim Cajamarca, its temperatures reach 79 degrees. Thanks to the comfort offered in their establishments and to the curative properties of its sources, this resort is considered to be the most important of the continent. It has a large artificial lagoon.

Ventanillas de Otuzco : Large Inca necropolis located 8 kms from the city, it is characterized by its crypts in the rocky cliffs by way of funeral mosaic. Most of the niches are basic, but it exists pathways towards the lateral niches.

Cumbemayo : Impressive archeological complex located on the sides of the hill El Cumbe, it is considered to be one of the most notable work of hydraulic engineering in pre-Columbian America.








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